ARM@DA Mapping Survey

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Following the conclusion of the ARM@DA realist evidence synthesis in September 2023, we were able to suggest a range of implications to guide implementation of digital consultations (publications coming soon!). However we also found that our ability to make more definitive recommendations was constrained by a limited understanding of current usage patterns of digital consultations in maternity services. Ongoing digital transformation programmes mean that Trusts are undergoing many changes in the way they deliver care.

From ARM@DA it became clear that: (i) there is variability in practice in the use of digital consultations across NHS maternity services, (ii) there is a lack of information about current use of digital consultations in maternity care, and (iii) there is a lack of information on what kinds of guidance is being used to inform good practice. Our evidence review highlighted concerns that remote consultations have the potential to exacerbate health inequalities, but there is a lack of data on how this is being addressed in practice.

To address these information gaps, the ARM@DA team has secured funding to conduct an online survey of senior maternity care professionals in order to map current use of digital consultations in England. Further details on how eligible individuals can take part will be coming soon.


Mapping survey – participant information sheet